Did God Really Say...?

Parents and grandparents, I’m sure you know this situation: You ask your child or grandchild to take out the trash (or clean their room, or feed the dog, etc), but they are engaged with something way more exciting than your request. They blurt out, “Ok, I will.” and minutes (or hours) later their activity is still accomplished and your request is not. Upon drawing their attention to the chore that remains unfinished you hear an assortment of lame excuses.

“I thought you wanted me to…”

“I will.”

“I forgot.”

“I’m going to.”

Truth be told, this pattern can happen over and over again. Let’s stand up together and say, “You’ve lost your privilege to have an iPhone. Put it in my room.”

Where It All Began

This pattern began a long time ago in a garden far, far away. God the Father had spoken into existence everything that we see around us (and even things that we can’t see) and declared, “This is good!” After creating the first man and the first woman in His image, and giving them the responsibility to rule the world in His name, he then declared, “This is very good!” The first day on the job for Adam and Eve was a day off and then they ruled together in partnership with the Father and it continued to be very good.

Adam and Eve had access to everything in the garden. There were no clothes that separated them from one another and there was no sin that separated them from the Father. But, there was a tree in the garden to which God said, “No!”- the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God said that if they were to eat this fruit, they would surely die.

The day came when Adam and Eve passed by the one tree they were not to touch and the enemy of their souls said, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?” What unfolded out of that conversation began the cycle that we still experience today. The fruit looked good for so many reasons. The line God drew seemed silly, and the urge to have control and power took over. The fruit was picked, eaten and shared, and everything changed.

Same Question, Different Day

Not only is this pattern happening in households throughout our counties, but all throughout out the land questions like these are being asked.

“Did God really say marriage should only be between a man and a woman?”

“Did God really say gender wasn’t a choice?”

“Did God really say marijuana isn’t ok to smoke recreationally?”

“Did God really say abortion isn’t a viable option in a pinch?”

“Did God really say sex outside of marriage is wrong?”

Over and over again across our land the fruit looks good, the line drawn seems silly, the urge for control and power wins, the fruit is picked, eaten, and shared, and death, brokenness, pain, and strife flourish.

In a state like we live in, we will be asked this question again and again with a different topic. “Did God really say…?” 

In order to win, we must know what God has said and is saying.

Franky Magana

Professional Graphic Designer and Full-Time Dad!