An Open Letter to Exeter

Dear Citizens of Exeter,

For the past four years I have seen an amazing degree of positive change come from reviving an age-old concept— honor. My church family and I want to see that positive change amplified further this 9/11 at a special service we are calling, We Choose. We believe this is something you could stand behind! We believe you could be an additional agent of change to see honor restored in Exeter!

It started over four years ago when a friend in our church was pulled over and ticketed for driving a scooter without a license. After reading, praying, and practicing honor, we realized God was using this seemingly negative situation to call us to be agents to restore honor in Exeter. Hidden prejudice and pride had been exposed in all of our lives and we wanted to do something about it. 

So, I sat down with Chief Cliff Bush and told him the story. I invited Chief and his officers to come to our church for a special service to honor them and pray for them.

Praying over Exeter Police Officers- Memorial Day of 2012

Praying over Exeter Police Officers- Memorial Day of 2012

On Memorial Day of 2012 most of the officers from Exeter Police Department showed up in uniform. During the service we read Romans 13 about God’s call to honor those who have been place by Him in positions of authority. We also prayed for the officers and made a commitment that day to continue to do so. We expressed this commitment by waving to every officer we saw and while waving to speak a prayer of blessing over their life. It was amazing to see such simple acts of honor make such a profound difference! (17 minute video from the day here)

Romans 13:7 "give respect and honor to those in authority" 

Romans 13:7 "give respect and honor to those in authority" 

This day has now rolled into four years of ongoing relationship and partnership with the EPD. Space doesn’t allow for all of the stories to be told in this simple letter (I wrote a blog post about it here). We have seen so much positive change, Chief and I believe it is now time for a new season with an expanded vision for restoring honor in Exeter.

On 9/11 at our We Choose service we will remember together those who lost their lives and gave their lives fifteen years ago. We will be praying for the families that were affected so long ago, but we will also be praying for our whole nation in light of the seemingly constant crisis it seems to be in today. Besides remembering and praying, we want to honor and pray for all local leaders from:

\\ Exeter Police Department \\ Exeter Fire Department \\

\\ Exeter Ambulance District \\ Exeter Teachers \\ Exeter City Council \\

\\ City of Exeter Employees \\ Exeter Business Owners \\

As a citizen in this community could you help us restore honor in Exeter by helping us see as many of these leaders in attendance as possible? Here are four things you can practically do:

  • Plan to attend the We Choose service with us on 9/11
  • Use our promo materials to invite citizens you know to the We Choose service
  • Personally invite city leaders you know to attend the We Choose service
  • Pray for honor to be restored across all sectors of Exeter society

We want to be agents of change together in this city! Thank you so much for your time and for your help!

Many blessings,

Pastor Michael Guzman, Lead Pastor- Church of God of Exeter

PS- Check here for more about how the We Choose service went.


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Our We Choose Service is at 9:30am on 9/11 at 246 W. Chestnut in Exeter

Our We Choose Service is at 9:30am on 9/11 at 246 W. Chestnut in Exeter

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