Kingdom Outposts

Everything we have belongs to Jesus- including our homes! And it's time to leverage our houses for Kingdom breakthrough and expansion. 

HOMe Groups are: 





HOMe Group Goals:

Our hope is that through using our homes as gathering spaces we can do a few things:

  1. Gather in community
  2. Encourage the people of God
  3. Target friends outside of the faith
  4. Spread the influence of the Kingdom everywhere. 

How Do I get started?

The five categories below are a simple way to begin thinking through the process of launching a HOMe Group. Start here.

WHO: Look for friends and acquaintances, people of peace, in all your spheres of influence who like you, are willing to listen to you, and want to be around you. Start with a list of 8-15 people. 

WHAT: You'll want to do a few simple things; eat together, read/study together, discuss, and pray together. We have provided an extensive list of over 70 resources you can find on Amazon with the library links below. Just remember, it's more important to gather around community than a resource

WHEN: Choose a day of the week and a time that works for you. You won't be able to accommodate everyone, so be prepared for that. Start with what you can do and invite people into it. You can always make changes as you go.

WHERE: We've called them HOMe Groups for a reason. A house is a warm, intimate and personal space. While you can use a coffee shop or restaurant if it's convenient, we think something special happens in the home.  

HOW: Start with prayer, asking for God's heart and help. Write a list of who you will invite. Choose a day and a time. Choose a resource to use. Decide how you will handle childcare. Set a start date. Let us know your plans. Get some simple training. Begin inviting. Open your HOMe.

HOMe Group Libraries

The libraries below link to over 70 resources for HOMe Groups to gather around. Each of the pictures is link to the resource via the church's Amazon Smile account. All resources purchased through these links provides a small portion back to Church of God of Exeter.

How Do I Register My Group?

We want HOMe groups to be a lightweight and low maintenance vehicle in the church. We want to oversee them with low control, but high accountability. In order to do that we ask the following of people desiring to be HOMe Group Leaders:

  • Register your group
  • Get trained (next training date given when you register)
  • Join the HOMe Group Leader Facebook group
  • Update frequently about your group (via Facebook group)
  • Choose an end date