We know how important it is to develop the habit of reading the Bible everyday, but we also know the realities of how difficult it can be to prioritize the Word of God. We know its important. We know there are seasons of life that lend themselves to greater depth and investment of time. We also know how busy our lives can be and how doing what is right if often not very easy.

We use a daily reading plan that takes us through the Old Testament, the Psalms, and the New Testament. It will take you through the entire Bible in two years. The pace is not too slow and not too fast. 

If you are just starting out and only have the smallest amount of time to invest we would recommend starting with just the New Testament. If you have more time or are looking for the greater challenge, add in the Psalm next and then the Old Testament. Check out Pastor Michael's blog on how he and his family read and discuss the Bible on a daily basis.

Tools to Get Started

To the right, you will find multiple ways to access the reading plan. Access our app by clicking on the pictures. The pictures to the bottom right can be saved, printed, or used as your lock screen on your phone or tablet. Or you can print by clicking the print button below the reading plan picture. You can also always find the latest reading plan on our Facebook page.

Check out our NEW Bible Reading Plan App!

Check out our NEW Bible Reading Plan App!

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