We Choose


We have seen amazing things come from the choice to become agents to restore honor in our city. Back in 2012 a difficult situation became the catalyst for change. We invited the Exeter Police Department to join us at a special service on Memorial Day so we could honor and pray for them.

Praying over Chief Cliff Bush and the Exeter Police Officers, Memorial Day 2012

That day has sparked a movement that has born a tremendous amount of fruit!

And your story is a part of the harvest.

Share with us below your story of choosing to honor our local leaders.

Tell Your We Choose Story

At our We Choose service on 9/11 of 2016 we chose to extend the reach of honor to six other groups of leaders in Exeter:

// Exeter Fire Department // Exeter Ambulance District // Exeter City Council //

// Exeter Business Owners // City of Exeter Employees // Exeter Teachers //

We asked everyone to express this in three ways:

  1. PRAY Regularly
  2. Send a THANK YOU
  3. Share your STORY

We'd love to hear your story!!!